Fulfillment, 3PL, warehouse, logistics

How to enter the Russian market and European market

having a strong competitive advantage?

  • Storage of goods
  • Order picking
  • Delivery in 1+ day
  • Shipping to marketplaces

How to get a warehouse in Italy
and Russia up and running fast?

Fulfillment for sellers
  • Inventory control
    Acceptance, dispatch, online stock management. Controlling dimensions, colours, packages, serial numbers. Document printing and analytics.
  • Order processing
    Set up integration or create orders in your personal account. We'll carefully pick, pack and ship them to the recipient.
  • Working with marketplaces
    Make business more lucrative! We can help you sell your goods on marketplaces.
  • Economy and speed
    Enjoy the best possible logistics and prompt delivery time.

How does fulfillment work?

1st stage
We receive and store your goods at well-organized and efficient warehouses.
2nd stage
We label the goods of your online store, put stickers on them if necessary, and attach documents.
3rd stage
We prepare an order and deliver it to the marketplace or to the end customer.
4th stage
When needed, we handle returns and accept payment.
Work with marketplaces
Trading from a marketplace warehouse
  • Labelling your goods according to marketplace requirements
  • Packing a shipment of goods
  • Bringing goods to a marketplace warehouse
  • Storing and shipping is organized by a marketplace
Trading from a seller warehouse
  • Storing your goods
  • Labelling your goods according to marketplace requirements
  • Picking and packing orders of your customers
  • Shipping to the marketplace warehouse or delivering to the end customer
  • Marketplace serves as a shop window

Vast pool of potential customers

With strong purchasing power
144 million
Population of the Russian Federation
1990 million
Orders on Russian marketplaces in 2022
2800 million
Orders from Russian online retailers in 2022
CDEK sorting centre, Domodedovo
  • Reaching the Russian, European and CIS markets with delivery in 1+ day
and favourable terms for storing goods

  • Experienced delivery market player since 2000
CDEK has proven to be reliable

  • More than 3,300 pick-up points
across all over the world

  • We deliver to 40,000+ places in the Russian Federation
in 1+ day
Map of our warehouses: